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Monday, 17 February 2014

Reebok//Trainers on the runway

The Ashish S/S RTW 2013 collection speaks to me on a spiritual and emotional level. How have I not seen this before? When I first saw the below image I let out an audible gasp. Are you kidding me? Reeboks AND gold glitter sequin socks? What the actual fuck. Someone has been reading my thoughts. This is too perfect. 

The rest of the collection was great too. Scrunchies, light denim, Big sloppy jumpers, track pants, cardigans glitter, geek glasses. It's like they have redesigned the typical American geek stereotype's wardrobe. Here are my favourite outfits from it.

here's some lads looking great in the Christopher Shannon x Reebok Capsule Collection


Anongirl xxx

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  1. *Faints* You have totally inspired me to get Reeboks (I've actually just ordered some off eBay) and I'm inspired 10x more by this post! Thanks :)