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Thursday, 9 January 2014

BOOK REVIEW/ IT - Alexa Chung

I know that every other girl on the planet is talking about this book, but it’s my turn now. IT is so beautifully put together and feels so lovely to hold. it’s hard back, bound in pastel pink fabric. I haven’t smelled it but it probably smells really good. I loved it before I even opened it.
It’s not the kind of book you’d sit there and read for hours. You’ll forget you own it, pick it up, read 5 pages, and then go make a cup of tea. Only to return to it days later and read a few more pages on the toilet. I like books like that. It’s great for people with short attention spans. Like me.
Alexa talks about her style icons (it’s all pretty obvious), the modelling world (sounds like shit, she didn’t like it) and how to get dressed in the morning. My favourite part of the book are the illustrations drawn by Alexa herself. She is one of my favourite celebrities, and one day I would like to share a cigarette with her. I think her taste in clothing is wonderful and her outlook on love and life is very admirable. She’s a very cool role model for girls. All the ‘oohhh wow such indie ‘IT ‘girl wow so fashun’ bullshit aside, it’s a really comforting book full of beautiful pictures that makes you feel good about things. 10/10 will keep on bookshelf.

Love, Anongirl xxxx

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