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Thursday, 9 January 2014

HOW TO/ white trainers

(Reebok Classics, Stella McCartney 
for Adidas Backpack, Phillips Headphones)

There is something about a fresh, clean pair of pure white Reeboks that just does something to me that no man ever could. Opening that Union Jack box, the smell of the leather, taking those annoying pieces of cardboard out of the shoes. Putting that first shoe on and realising that there is still more cardboard stuck at the toe of the shoe... Whatever. I was born with an affinity for white trainers. They're comfortable, versatile and disgustingly 90s. 

Every morning on the way to work I see these corporate women on the train, wearing their suit-dresses, black business skirts, blazers and pinstripe pants. But it's what is on their feet that catches my eye; a clean, crisp pair of trainers. And in their handbag, a pair of 6 inch patent leather heels. This is mark of the office worker. They own these trainers specifically for walking to and from the train station. There is never a mark on them. Little do they know that as they sit on that train, with their startlingly white Nike Air Max, I am sitting across from them admiring their choice of trainers. For those 15 minutes every day, I think these are the most fashionable women in the city.

(top from Agent 99, Skirt from Asos)

(top from Vallygirl, Skirt from Atelier for David Lawrence)

(Lace turtle neck singlet from Etsy, Skirt from my friend's Mum)

(Shirt from Adidas, Skirt from Atelier for David Lawrence)

My favourite look right now is inspired by these office workers that I see on the train. It's like Sporty Spice started working for an insurance company. Trainers paired with a business skirt has been my go-to combo for the past few months. 

I know that white trainers are inherently unfashionable. I know that Jerry Seinfeld wore them with mom jeans and a blazer for almost 10 years. I can hear strangers in the distance shriek when I say "i love joggers and jeans". There are certain ways to make this look work for everyone. There is a fine line - White trainers require a balanced outfit. Because they have a bad reputation, I think it's always best to balance them out with a crop top, a short skirt or a sleeve-less shirt. Because they don't have much of a heel, trainers can tend to make people look a bit shorter. Balance this out by showing part of your leg or ankle, even if it's as simple as rolling your jeans up once. If that fails, a sleeve-less shirt. Keep it feminine - Or don't. They look just as good with an oversized T-shirt and jeans.

(Top from Paper Heart, Jeans from Dr. Denim)
(Top from Topshop, Pants from American Apparel)

(Top from Etsy, Skirt from my friend's mum)

When I die, bury me with my Reeboks. There is something so aesthetically pleasing about  a white shoe. I own two pairs; one for scuffing up, another pair that i try to keep pristine. Part of my fetish for crisp white trainers stems from my love for Baby Spice. She was my favourite Spice Girl. I had the Barbie dolls, all their cassettes, their photo collection, their sticker collection, their deodorant... Everything. I don't think I ever really stopped obsessing over Baby Spice. The white trainers live on, inside me, forever.

Reeboks classics are available online HERE.

Girl Power! Equalisation between the sexes!

Love, Anongirl xxxxxx


  1. Ahh! Such a lovely post. I wish you'd install a GFC widget so I could follow your blog here.


    1. Thank you so much! I just installed the GFC widget (I think!). Still working out BlogSpot ;) bare with me xxx

  2. congrats on your new blog, M!! so far so good <3

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  4. Great post already! My mum actually owns some white Reebok trainers from a loooong, long time ago. I might try out some similar outfits with those! Thanks for the inspiration.