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Sunday, 19 January 2014


This blog post it literally just about this neat top that I bought. it's from the Manning Cartell Camofleurs Resort 13.14 collection. Awesome collection with a nice range of colours as well as whites, lots of thick fabrics and bold cuts. Boxy dresses, broad shoulders, but still quite feminine. I love how this shirt makes me look like I am wearing a nice piece of wall paper. It's made really stiff fabric which is one of my favourite qualities in a garment. And it was on sale.

I wore it on a 28 degree day and almost sweated to death though, so this is definitely something I will save for cooler days. Looks great with high-waisted dark jeans, or shorts or a black business skirt. Cool.

Yeah, cool. Anyway.  look at this top!

Q: Why does Wally wear stripes?
A: Because he doesn't want to get spotted

I love stripes and I love you all

Anon girl xxx

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