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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

LAYERING//BACK by Ann-Sofie Sheer Jeans Dress

Layering is hard. There is a fine line between looking like a crazy person and looking decent. I'm still not sure if i've got it right. Which is fine, because I am a crazy person. When I saw the Ann-Sofie Jeans dress I knew I had to have it. The simple cross-over design reminds me of a beautiful ancient Greek gown with a modern twist. 

Ancient Greek Gown
Ann-Sofie Jeans Dress

I thought it would be a fun dress to try some layering with. Especially because it is completely see-through. You don't have much of an option really. Is it a dress? is it a nighty? Is it a hospital gown? I'm still not sure but I love it.

I paired it with a white & grey marbled Zara crop top and Zara origami skort in white. Kind of getting Japanese Kimono-y Harijuku-esq vibes. Almost. Reebok trainers for good measure because comfort is important. I want to try this dress out with a high-waisted skirt at some point too. I even think it would even look cool over jeans. I like items like this. They force you to be creative with how you wear them, and because it's such a statement piece, you will be hesitant to outfit-repeat. 

"oh my god are you wearing that dress again!?"

Oh, and I also picked up this crepe-paper looking clutch thing from Saxony. It looks and feels like a big piece of paper, but is somehow durable enough to carry everything I own. How is this possible!? Science has come so far. Technology is amazing

It's fun to try new things.

Lots and lots and lots of love, Anongirl xxxxx

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